Looking to Hire a Node.Js Developer, 4 Things You Must Keep In Mind

Node.js is a Javascript-based platform that is extremely powerful. Node.js is useful for creating single-page apps, chat apps, video streaming sites, and many other intensive web applications. Giant enterprises like Walmart, Netflix, NASA, Paypal, etc. are using this platform.

This open-source platform is completely free and lots of developers are using this technology around the world. It brings many different advantages that you could choose this platform in place of Java or PHP. So, people who are new to the web or mobile app development can surely focus on this to make a good career ahead.

The Node.js runtime environment was developed as a result of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. When we are talking about Node.Js web development, it is easy to scale different inputs from many people across multiple machines and, in some cases, multiple data centers as well.

A Node.js web application allows the real-time exchange of data and input among a user and a server. Due to its JavaScript origins, it can work with a wide range of databases in Microsoft environments as well as open-source platforms. Node.js can be used for Backend for Social Media Networking, Single-page applications, chatbot applications, and Internet of Things applications.

Let’s see what are the benefits of using Node.js web development for your website or mobile application. Check out the benefits below:

1) It is a Rich System

Over 836,000 open-source JavaScript libraries are available on Node.js, and more than 10,000 are released every week.

2)Scalable Technology for Micro-Services

In Node.js, application logic can be broken down into smaller micro-services in order to facilitate flexibility and lay the groundwork for future growth. In short, this system will allow you to build micro-services on top of existing ones, instead of adding new functionalities to the core app.

3) Solid Tech Stack

Over 450 new contributors have contributed to Node.js during 2018, resulting in 368,985,988 downloads and over 750 new contributors. By using this technology for JavaScript development, you can gain better efficiency and productivity. Besides being able to share and reuse code, Node.js is also fast and highly performant, with free tools, so it’s a great option for developers.

4) JSON Support

A JSON file, also known as JavaScript Object Notation, transforms data into key-value pairs to make all web applications act like software. As opposed to PHP and Ruby, JSON automatically recycles connections between a web browser and a remote server, making data transmission and organization simple. Node.js utilizes this support to help organize large amounts of data by speeding up the primary data transfer standards.

Below are the pointers you need to focus on before hiring a node.js developer for your website or mobile app.

1) Open-Source Node.js Portfolio

It is important to check the open-source portfolio of Node.js developers before actually hiring them. Make sure the candidate has delivered successful projects. With a large range of projects, a Node.js development company will demonstrate its experience and expertise.

2) How Node.js Databases Work

There are many databases on the market that are compatible with Node.js. To be able to determine the database that most fits the needs of a development firm, it’s important to understand the nature of the project. Recruiters must ensure that Node.js developers possess sufficient database and implementation expertise before hiring them.

3) DevOps and NodeJS Deployment Experience

Node.js projects may have different deployment requirements. Look for a node.js developer who has DevOps certification when hiring a node.js developer. Your developer should also be capable of load balancing, scaling the application across a variety of servers and databases, so you can ensure the app is running correctly.

4) Use of Node.js Experience Beyond HTTP

A node.js application can work with protocols beyond the general HTTP protocol. The technology is designed to work with peer-to-peer or XMPP protocols just as easily and efficiently as with HTTP. It is advisable to find an application development company that has experience creating these types of applications. This indicates a deep understanding of technology and knowledge of the field.

So, these are the pointers that you must keep in mind when you are looking to hire a node.js developer.

I hope you understood why node.js web development is preferred by many people because it helps to build robust and fast websites and mobile apps. If you are looking to hire a node js web developer then you can contact Innvonix Tech Solutions. We have expert node.js developers who have been working on such projects for a long.



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