Top Python Frameworks You Should Use for Your Next Project

Why Choose Python for Web & Mobile App Development?

For application development, the organizations utilize Python for many reasons, here they are:

  • It has a dynamically typed nature which is why it is highly readable and also mandates indentation.
  • Prototypes can be designed in Python in a very short time.
  • There are many Python libraries available to the developers.
  • Python is a flexible language that allows multiple tasks to be managed easily.

What Are The Types of Python Framework?

There are different types of python frameworks available. We have listed the below, have a look.

Top Skills You Need As a Python Developer — Here They Are

Python developers need to enhance their marketability to be hired by the best Python application development agencies. Below are some skills that can help you to do so. Explained with details.

1) List Comprehension and Slicing:

In the era of Python development, these features are considered the defining characteristics. Python’s slicing feature can be implemented on strings and can eliminate the entire list.

2) Knowledge of Web Frameworks:

To be a good Python developer, you need to know of at least one of the two web frameworks, Django or Flask, preferably both.

3) Understanding of Front-End Technologies:

The frontend team and the developers may need to communicate on occasion during Python development to keep the match between the service-side and client-side.

4) Python Libraries:

Every language has its library, and the availability and usability of that library influence its usage rate.

5) AI and Machine Learning:

The field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are both growing. Python provides a powerful programming tool for both of them.

6) Expertise in Core Python:

To become a successful Python developer, you need a solid foundation in Core Python.

7) Debugging Skills:

Python programming language is an ideal language for beginners and can be the start of an exciting coding career. However, there may be times when the expected output is not what you expect.

8) Analytical Skills:

Besides being proficient in python, Python developers need excellent analytical skills as well.

9) Communication Skills:

The developers do not work in silos. When it comes to big projects, the team has to coordinate themselves and be on track.

10) Design Skills:

Some python development companies look for more than just a competent coder, they also want a person who can contribute to the design and implementation of highly available server architectures and scalable long-term products.

Top Python Frameworks You Should Use for Your Next Project

Now, let’s check the top python frameworks that you should use for your next python project. Below are the frameworks with details. Check them out one by one.

1) Flask

Designed around Sinatra Ruby, Flask is a popular python microframework licensed under BSD.

2) Bottle

The Bottle is another Python micro-framework for building web applications. Bottle uses a single Python standard library and has new dependencies.

3) CherryPy

CherryPy is an object-oriented web development framework using WSGI multi-strung Python web servers which complies with HTTP/1.1 and makes it possible to develop web applications quickly.

4) Django

App development using the DRY principle is made easy with Django, a popular Python framework.

5) Dash

Dash is a python framework that enables data scientists to build apps without having to learn web programming.


It is important to choose a framework that reflects the project’s goals, communication needs, and scope.



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